Price Increase 2024 ICSA


Independent Carrier Safety Association members,

TADTS has reviewed our current contracted pricing structure and determined that after many years of receiving price increases from our laboratory and collection site vendors without passing those increases on to our customers, it has now become necessary for us to increase our contracted prices as we have just received another price increase this month as well.

Effective January 1, 2024, TADTS is instituting an approximate 8% price increase on all drug testing lab services and standard collection site services. We have not had a price increase in over ten years, and with this moderate increase, we are hopeful that we will not need to make adjustments for years to come.

Please note that there is no need for a contract amendment, as the terms of our agreement allow for changes in the agreement, which include price adjustments.

The changes in the pricing allow TADTS to continue to provide our services at our high standards while maintaining a margin of profit that enables us to maintain our competitive edge.

We are also adding minor increases and changes to our ancillary services: Split Specimen charge, THC-v, and STAT after-hours collection fees (cost from vendor + $20 if exceeding TADTS current pricing). Please take a look at the full updated Ancillary Services pricing sheet here:


We will be adding new DOT oral fluid pricing soon, necessitating a contract amendment. That form will be generated electronically in the coming months.

Thank you for choosing TADTS. We value your business and look forward to serving you.