Oral Fluid Standing Order Consent

Oral Fluid Employer Standing Order

TADTS' employer oral fluid testing standing order program. All employers must read and agree to the updated policy regarding DOT testing for oral fluid. Fill out the required fields, read the policy, and agree to the terms at the bottom of the page.

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Oral Fluid Testing Standing Order:

OF Standing Order


DOT Authorized the use of oral fluid testing effective June 1, 2023, under DOT Rule 49 CFR, part 40. The regulation requires the employer covered under this part to have a clear Standing Order of when to perform Oral Fluid testing. CLIENT agrees to have the standing order outlined below in place for our testing.

Oral Fluid Standing Order:

Pre-Employment, Random, Follow-up, and Return to Duty testing:

  • Initial testing should be attempted using Urine as the specimen.

  • Shy bladder, insufficient specimen, cold specimen initial attempts should be followed by an immediate Oral Fluid second collection.

    Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion testing:

  • Initial testing should be attempted using Oral Fluid as the specimen.

  • Any dry-mouth incidences should be followed up with a Urine collection

  • If the additional Urine is a shy bladder or cold/hot specimen then urine collection guidelines must be followed according to 49 CFR, Part 40.

    • Shy bladder 49 CFR, Part 40.193(b)

    • Cold/Hot specimen 49CFR, Part 40.65 (b) and 40.67

      Urine Specimens showing signs of tampering:

  • Any urine specimens collected for the above reasons that the collector suspects signs of tampering, as outlined in 49 CFR, Part 40.65 (c) should be immediately followed by an oral fluid collection.

    Required oral fluid collection:

  • For direct observation collections involving transgender or nonbinary individuals, an oral fluid collection must be conducted.

  • Any circumstance where a qualified urine collector is not available, and a qualified oral fluid collector is available.

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