Department of Transportation

Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training

This course meets the U.S. Department of Transportation requirements, as described in 49 CFR 382 and 40. A certified Texas Alcohol and Drug Testing Service instructor will provide your supervisors with a one hour alcohol and one hour drug education course. The program also motivates DOT supervisors to act and not cover-up employees with alcohol & drug problems.

The Department of Transportation requires any supervisor who sends or refers employees for drug and/or alcohol testing under a DOT certified drug testing program becomes trained in the administration and implementation of these procedures. By law, anyone carrying a CDL driver’s license must have an initial drug and alcohol screen. These same employees are required to be part of a random testing plan that is managed by the company or a Third Party Administrator (TPA). This training program will ensure the supervisor develops and maintains a complete testing program while limiting the company’s legal and regulatory exposure affiliated with these types of activities.

Who should take this course?

At a minimum, The Department of Transportation requires the following personnel to have training under 49 CFR 382 and 40:

  • Transportation Safety Personnel (all levels from Safety Clerk to Director)
  • Transportation Dispatch personnel
  • All HR and Safety Personnel whose company is required to meet DOT drug testing standards
  • Truck Drivers
  • Transportation Training Instructors
  • Personnel whose responsibility includes development of drug testing programs
  • Attorney’s specializing in Transportation


  • Overview of DOT Federal Regulations
  • Alcohol & Drug Testing Procedures
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Supervisors Responsibilities
  • Documentation/Record Keeping
  • Prohibited Behaviors
  • Course completion Certificate

DOT Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training Program: Course Fee: $80.00
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